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Volunteer Information


Volunteers are critical to the success of the AHYHA hockey season.  We post volunteer opportunities throughout the season on our Dibs page.

Each family is required to complete 12 Hours of volunteering time per family, with the exception of first year hockey families who have never played for another hockey association in the past. Volunteer opportunities include things like supporting tryouts, staffing an outdoor warming house or supporting other association sponsored events.

Shift Cancellations: You will be required to find a replacement to cover your shifts if you attempt to cancel your shift within 72 hours of the start of the shift.  If you do not have a replacement to cover your shift on your behalf, you will be charged $50 per shift hour at the end of the season.

Check the Dibs page often to fulfill your requirement early.

Receiving credit for your worked hours will automatically be credited in your account within 3 days of shift completion. 

Team Staff

Becoming a Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager or Team Locker Room Monitor/Representative are great ways to get volunteer hours fulfilled for the season.

Locker Room Monitor/Representative: There are a few things that you will need to complete to become a team locker room monitor/representative. Follow the resources below to get started.

  1. Register with USA Hockey as a Volunteer at:
  2. Complete your SafeSport Training at:
  3. Complete a background check at:
  4. Lastly, express your interest with the head coach. Coaches are assigned as the team rosters are finalized for the season (after tryouts).

Coaches, Team Managers and Locker Room Monitors/Reps will be granted up to 60 hours of credit per team (5 total representatives, including up to 2 locker room reps, will receive full volunteering credit for the season). Sharing roles such as Co-Manager, or Locker Room Monitor/Rep (6 hours volunteer credits each) is allowed but must be identified prior to the first game and pre-approved by the head coach.

Receiving credit for your role on the team will be applied to your account at the end of the hockey season (mid-March).

Coach the team

Become a Coach for the upcoming season and get your volunteer requirement fulfilled!

Manage the Team

Become a Manager for the upcoming season and get your volunteer requirement fulfilled!


Volunteer Resources


Contact the association volunteer coordinator:

Patty Kroona Volunteer Coordinator