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Team Managers

Manager Requirements and Registration

The team manager is a volunteer position that is elected by the head coach once teams have been formed.  This position will fulfill  volunteer hours for the season. It is helpful for the Team Manager to be present at most team events. 

Typical duties include: managing a team binder, organize events, registering for tournaments, scheduling and other team volunteer coordination.  Traveling team managers have the added responsibility of reporting game scores and managing out of town tournament logistics.  Each team may have an optional team fund that the team manager is responsible for.

There are a few things required to be eligible for designation as a team manager, please follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Register with USA Hockey as a 'volunteer/team manager' at:
  2. Complete your SafeSport Training at:
  3. Complete a background check at:
  4. Lastly, complete the AHYHA team manager registration process:

Manager News

New for 2020.  Teams must notify the Association of all planned scrimmages that occur prior to roster sign off.  Please email with the date, time, location and team being played at least 48 hours prior to each scrimmage.

Please take the time to locate and review the District 10 and MN Hockey Covid 19 information so that you are aware of requirements for your team.

Manager To Do List

Work With Your Coach to Designate Locker Room Monitors  (traveling managers only):

  • USA Hockey adheres to SafeSport policies in regards to ALL team events
  • A SafeSport trained, MN Hockey Background Screened adult is required for every team event 
  • Locker Room Monitors should register as a Volunteer to receive clearance and receive their volunteer credit.
  • Locker room monitors and managers should collaborate to make sure all players have been collected by a guardian before leaving each team event.

Make Sure You Can Access Your Team Via Sports Engine:

  • Sports Engine will be the tool used to update events and communicate with your team
  • Sign in at and go to you team under the Traveling Teams main menu item.
  • Validate your team roster, including coaches then send a Sports Engine message to introduce yourself to the team.  You can message from the roster page within your team site or from the Sports Engine mobile app.
  • Work with your coach to add all team staff names to your team page.  The head coach and managers must include their phone number so they may be contacted by other teams or tournaments needing information.
  • If coaches are not listed they have NOT completed their coaching requirements and cannot be assigned to the team

Coordinate with your coach to Pick Up Team Equipment:

  • Watch for communications on scheduled times or contact to arrange pick up with the AHYHA equipment manager, this will include:
    • Jerseys (Traveling returned at the end of the season/Mites keep),
    • Socks (players keep)
    • Helmet stickers
  • Log in to Sports Engine and add each player's jersey number to the team roster
  • Coaches may coordinate with the equipment manager to obtain pucks and dryland training tools or managers may help administer that for them

Coordinate With Parents Regarding Team Funds:

  • Teams should align on the Team Fund/Slush Fund amount within association limits
  • Define a process to track expenses (spreadsheet, Google doc) and save receipts so that expenses can be reported back to the team and association
  • Direct questions to
  • Coordinating team gear using the team fund is optional, but if the team would like to order this is usually set up by the team manager - contact peer managers for tips and preferred vendors or to share order volume discounts.
  • Once background checks are cleared each team manager will be contacted to be added to a team checking account and will receive a checkbook.

Prepare Your Arrival Plan, Team Binder, Game Volunteers and ScoreBook for Game Play:

  • Official USA Hockey traveling  team rosters  will be available on or around November 1 and delivered in person or to the team mailslots at ACC (Mite rosters around December 15th)
  • Each team will receive one printed roster copy, required coaches concussion forms and any waivers or student coach authorizations
  • Coaches or staff not on the team roster are not cleared to participate with the team
  • Each team will receive an electronic link to their roster via email.  Keep this in case of any roster changes or to submit to tournaments.
  • Binder contents and other game forms are available in the Manager Resources section of this page below for managers to assemble
  • Establish a process for arrival and locker room use to help communicate with your team on where and when to gather according to each rink's arrival and locker room policy 
  • Check rink policies before each game. MN Hockey is recommending up to two guests per player but each rink may have different policies or the Minnesota Department of Health could supersede these policies at any point in the season. 

Begin Preparing for Tournaments/Jamborees:

  • Work with the level coordinator to get information on tournaments/jamborees and scrimmage events already defined for your team
  • Add to your team schedule in Sports Engine
  • Review tournament web site and key dates/team requirements
  • Work with the tournament to understand team check in and lodging requirements (if out of town)
  • Keep tabs on the 35 game limit for Squirt/10U teams.  This includes tournaments and out of district scrimmages.

Key 2020 - 2021 Dates:

Wednesday October 28th via Google Meet

District 10 MANDATORY New Traveling Manager Meetings (Attend One)

  • October 27, 7pm - Sticks n Stones - Curling Room
  • October 29, 7 pm - Rogers Ice Arena

District 10 Traveling Roster Sign Off October 31, 2020

  • Official USA Hockey rosters distributed 2 -3 days after roster sign off

District 10 Game Schedules Posted  October 30, 2020

  • AHYHA schedulers are aware of team tournament dates and will avoid games the day before/after tournaments if possible
  • Game reschedule requests will not be accepted prior to this date

District 10 Game Play Begins  November 9, 2020

Mite Team Manager Meeting TBD

District 10 Mite Roster Sign Off TBD

  • Official USA Hockey team rosters delivered 2 - 3 days following sign-off

For Reference:

Team Manager Resources