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Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 Season

Dear Andover Hockey Parents and Players,

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy!  As you can imagine, COVID-19 has affected our Association in a major way.  We have had major financial losses with the closing of restaurants this Spring concerning our charitable gambling revenue over the past few months.  Therefore, we are expecting fee increases this year to off-set our lost revenue as an Association.  The AHYHA board has worked extensively this Spring and Summer to minimize any fee increases to the Association fees.

We are looking forward to having our players play and practice on our new ice sheet at Andover!  Construction will most likely be completed in September and we will start practicing in the new facility as soon as possible.  This will decrease the dreaded drive down Hwy 65 to the Super Rink.  We will retain some hours at the Super Rink, but you should notice a significant decrease in Super Rink practices for a majority of teams.

The AHYHA Board will be monitoring all information regarding COVID-19 and any guidelines that are brought down from the State and National level including guidance from USA Hockey.  We also plan on following each Arena’s policy for safety and social distancing policies and procedures.  

As of writing this letter, we are planning on a full season.  However, we will be charging each member $100.00 just in case there is a cancellation and to avoid unnecessary membership credit card fees.  If it appears that we will have a season, we will do our first billing around the start of tryouts.

As a youth sports association, participating families (Association members) share the cost of fielding teams and running the program.  We also share the benefit of fundraising efforts through charitable gambling and our charitable gambling sites. We operate charitable gaming at Pappy’s Tavern, Route 65 Pub and Willy McCoy’s in Andover.  Our ability to operate fundraising efforts at these locations is only possible with the voluntary support of these local business owners. Please support the local businesses who support our activities!  Without these fine establishments, we would be looking at an almost 100% increase in our Association fees to keep the Association running!  Please let them know that you are with Andover hockey and give them a thank you.

Please note the following items for the 2020-2021 season:

NEW ARENA We anticipate being able to enjoy the new arena in September.  There will be a dedicated weight room/dryland area on the second level of the arena.  We are not certain if much of the room will have equipment this year, but we will focus on that space in the next few years.

FEES for the upcoming season are going to be increased this year.  COVID-19 has impacted our Association.  We feel with the new ice sheet and potential for more ice touches this year will be a positive experience for the membership.  

TRYOUTS for all traveling teams will remain closed.  

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY RULES require that AHYHA continue adhering to the District 10 mandated High School boundary rules as noted in Minnesota Hockey.  Players registering must have primary residence within the Andover High School boundaries.


Jeremy Coe

President, Andover Youth Huskies Hockey Association