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Mite/8U Teams



We need help more help coaching!  Please reach out to Andy Sax at


Mite Pools have been updated  as of 10/5 @ 10pm.  See updates below. 


2022 Fall Mite/8U schedule

Fall Skills Practices Oct 1,2, 8, 9.

HEP Practice Oct 15, HEP Testing Oct 16

MEA Week No Hockey Oct 21, 22

Team Practices Start Oct 29, 30

Note these times/dates and pools may be subject to change.  Please check the website for updates each week before going to the rink. 

Fall Skills/HEP Pools

Note these pools may be subject to change.  Please check the website each week before going to the rink. 

If you child is not listed and should be please reach out to Andy Sax at


The AHYHA Mite Program is for children ages 4­-9 (see Registration Guide for exact birthdates).

Our Mite Program fosters skill development, healthy competition, sportsmanship, and team play. Our mission is to develop a "Tradition of Excellence". 

The Mite Program offers four levels of play, A through D.  Here is an approximate guideline for the different Mite levels:

“D” Mites – Beginner, cross ice hockey, typical ages 4- 6, if you can skate at all,  you can play “D” Mites

“C” Mites – Can do a hockey stop, can skate backwards, 1/2 ice hockey with goalies, typical ages 6­-8

“B” Mites – A step up from “C” Mites, typical are 2nd and 3rd graders. 3/4 and full-ice games. 

“A” Mites – “Elite” Mites, typically the top 3rd graders. 3/4 and full-ice games. 

“8U” – This is our all girls team. 3/4 and full-ice games.  Typically, girls play one year of Mites before joining the 8U team. Girls are welcome to play with the boys at any level of Mites if they prefer.

See the "Mite/8U" registration page for more details.

Nordy at the 2017 Andover Mite Winter Classic

Quick Links

New Parent to Hockey- Visit 

Parent SafeSport Training- (For Parents ONLY, not for coaches certification requirements)

What is HEP?

Do you have or know a potential little hockey player?

 Learn more about Junior Huskies

Emphasizing Cross-Ice Hockey


Outdoor Practices are always a lot of fun!  If you need an address or more information on the rink your team is skating at, please look on our homepage for the tab "Local Ice Rinks" or click the link below. 

It is highly recommended that you get your child ready for outdoor practice at home due to limited space in the warming houses. Prairie Knoll especially has a VERY small warming house!  Please make sure to dress your child for the weather!  Adding a "skull cap" (tighter fitting hat under the helmet), face mask and under armour or long underwear will help to keep your child warm.  If the weather is too cold or the ice is in poor condition, your practice will be canceled at the discretion of your coach or the association. Typically we recommend that practice be canceled if the temperature is below 0 degrees or if the wind chill is below -10 degrees (Updated 1-12-15).  Outdoor hockey in Minnesota is always fun and the kids seem to love it.


Become a Team Manager!

What is a Team Manager?
The team manager is a volunteer position that is elected by the head coach once teams have been formed. The team manager position is responsible for; keeping the team roster book, good communication with the team (ice times, team events, registering for jamborees, etc.). This position will fulfill your volunteer hours. Being a team manager will require good organization skills and being timely, checking your emails daily, and present at most team events. The team manager will be required to facilitate all communication's and tasks set by the Mite Administrator.

If you are interested in becoming a team manager for your child's team, make sure to let your selected coach know once teams have been formed.


If you are interesting in coaching for the 2022-2023  hockey season please email Andy. Coaches eligible for mites will need to register through USA Hockey as a coach & get a USA Hockey number, obtain a level 1 coaching certification through USA Hockey, and complete a safesport certification before going on the ice.


Mite Resources

Questions about fundraising?   Please visit our fundraising page for information.

Questions about volunteering?  Please visit our volunteering page for more information.

Need a mouthguard?  Integra Dental often hosts Mouth Guard Clinics!!!!!  These mouth guards are amazing!  They fit true to your childs teeth and they will last much longer than the store bought mouth guards, plus you can choose the color!  Call Integra Dental to schedule: (763) 710-7095



Need Directions to the Super Rink?

Always be sure to check the location of your practice/game. To get to rink 5 or 6 at the Super Rink drive around back and you will see the rink #'s on the outside of each entrance.


Contact the association Mite Directors:

Andy Sax

Mite Operations Director

Ben Daluge

Mite Administration Director