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Tryout Information

Tryout Schedule and Pools Posted

Tryout AA and A Pools are posted below.  Click on the Pools Tryout Engine Link. Please double check prior to attending all sessions as assignments can change as we get late registrations. If you can not find your players name/pool please contact the Tryout Director.

All final teams will be posted the following day late afternoon after pool scrimmages. This is to give the coaches time to make there final decisions and remove the late nights looking at the Web.

Tryout Arrival

Masks are required for all players! Please plan on having players arrive for check in 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time direction. Jerseys will be distributed on the first tryout and should be retained by the player. Please limit crowding at check in. 

All players will check in at the main rink entrance to receive their tryout jersey, then exit through the southwest rink entrance. Players will then wait outside until their designated rink entry time.

To adhere to rink entry guidelines, players should arrive fully dressed or expect to dress outside after checking in and must have a mask worn while inside the ACC and not on the ice.  Goalies may enter the rink earlier and may dress in the locker room area if needed. Association volunteers will be available to help with skates only when needed. 

Players should not congregate inside the arena or locker room unless checking in or dressing with remaining gear 10 minutes prior to tryout start.  All players and parents should leave immediately after their tryout session, undressing at home. Parents are not allowed inside of the arena unless assisting players with check in.  All COVID-19 rink procedures will need to be followed.  See the ACC COVID-19 preparedness plan.

Each player will receive one dark and one light tryout jersey that they will keep for the tryout and for the season. Players should bring both jerseys to all tryout sessions.

Thank you in advance for your patience following these practices and for helping in limiting rink traffic.

Tryout lost and found


Many Water Bottles!



Please contact Tryoutdirector

Tryout Goal

The goal of the tryout process is to ensure accurate and fair assessment of each player in the AHYHA and to place each and every player on a team with similar skill level.  They AHYHA uses independent evaluators to form player pools and anonymized tryout software to manage player data to ensure the highest level of integrity in team selection.  

Tryout Rules

AHYHA wishes to provide the best environment possible to enable players to perform at their best.  Please help the Association manage to these rules to aid in the tryout process:

  • Parents and spectators are NOT allowed in the arena during tryout events, with the exception of an outside association scrimmage only as permitted by host rink rules. 
  • Only black socks are allowed (previous year’s AHYHA issued socks are acceptable). 
  • No helmet stickers, except AHYHA.

Volunteers not involved in the tryout level being evaluated will be on hand to monitor locker rooms and help players stage for the tryouts.

For complete tryout information, please refer to the AHYHA Policies and Procedures.


Contact the association Tryout Director:

AHYHA Tryout Director