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Outdoor Rinks/ACC

City Updates on Outdoor Rinks

1-2-19  Outdoor rinks are opening today at 4pm.

Important!! Hockey is not allowed on the free skate area of the outdoor rinks that have hockey rinks, also free skating is not allowed on the hockey rink area. These are safety issues and skater cooperation is required.

Outdoor Rink Information

It is highly recommended that you get your child ready for outdoor practice at home due to limited space in the warming houses.  Prairie Knoll and Hawk Ridge especially have a VERY small warming house!  Please make sure to dress your child for the weather! Adding a "skull cap" (tighter fitting hat under the helmet), face mask, Under Armour or long underwear and gloves inside of the hockey gloves will help to keep your child warm. If the weather is too cold or the ice is in poor condition, your practice will be canceled at the discretion of your coach or the association.  Typically we recommend that practice be canceled if the temperature is below 0 degrees or if the wind chill is -10 degrees. (Updated 1-12-15)
Enjoy!! Outdoor hockey is a ton of fun and the kids love it . . . back to the basics of old-school hockey!

City Criteria for closing Warming Houses/Rinks

Warming House can be closed due to severe/extremely weather conditions or temperatures.

o Wind-chill is below -10 degrees or more, or temperature below 0.

o Temperatures above 40 degrees or when there is too much water on rink.

o Snow storms/blizzards.

Rink Locations

Hawk Ridge

North of Rum River Elementary
18001 Verdin Street

Outdoor Hockey Complex

West of Andover Community Center on Crosstown (County 18)
1885 Crosstown Blvd.


Crooked Lake School Rink

Behind Crooked Lake Elementary
2939 Bunker Lake Boulevard NW
(This is not a full size rink)

Prairie Knoll Rink

At Prairie Knoll Park
North of Andover Blvd on Prairie Road
595 146th LN NW

Andover Community Center (ACC)

15200 Hanson Blvd. NW
Andover, MN 55304   

Outdoor Rink Pictures

Jeannette Dewandeler

Outdoor Rink Coordinator

Phone: 763.300.5896